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Get Well Soon Mental Institution Logo Green :) :icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 0 0
Mature content
Unfortunate Awakening :icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 1 0
The Disaster chapter two (part 2 of 2)
Chapter two The Disaster (part 2 of 2)
The spider was dead. The thing collapsed to the side as he extracted the samurai sword from its brain, well bundle of nerves. It wasn’t as if the spider thought too far beyond its next meal. Roy pulled a silky black cloth from his trench coat, and used it to wipe the sword. The spider’s venom would ruin the thing if not immediately attended.
He polished the blade until he spotted his glamorous reflection, by which time the silky black cloth was reduced to tatters and threads. He dropped it, letting the mess settle on the floor beside the spider’s body.
 He pulled out a round blinking device and stuffed it into the spider’s mouth, taking care to not let the spider’s fangs pierce him. That would indeed be a sorry way to go. He’d be the laughing stalk for who knows how many years to come.
A Hunter killed by a slain arachnid?
He chuckled at the thought. Only once his work was done, did he take after the girl. A
:icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 0 2
The Disaster chapter two (part 1 of 2)
Chapter two
The Disaster
There was movement, but she was in a place between dreaming and waking, or she’d like to think anyway. She was awake, and she could hear scuffling and scrubbing. It had been going on for the past few hours. Part of her felt that if she simply refused to acknowledge there was anything there, it would just go away. That part of her controlled her body at the moment. It wasn’t until whatever was making the racket addressed her, did she finally open her eyes.
“Well, I’m done. You wanna keep this?” a voice said in a low scratchy grumble.
Susan blinked at her window. The little she could see of the sky was brightening with the first light.
She let out a breath and glanced over her shoulder, long black hair tumbling down her back.
It was a hideous creature, small with hair in all the wrong places and tiny black eyes. Its mouth was flat and stretched across half its face. Slender ears poked out of its beady head. As if
:icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 1 6
1 Dreamer
Chapter One
Dark, dark and alone, left to rot in a dungeon, a prison forged so long ago that its name was little more than legend now. Old, so old. His mind glazed in fog and was slow with disuse. He was chained in the darkest depths, suspended over a once bottomless pit, but in the course of a thousand years that pit’s geological formation changed and now a pool, deep and wide enough to be considered a lake expanded below him. The air was humid, and the cavern still alive. Water dripped from the impossible ceiling into that ever growing lake. The chains binding him had lost their fluidity a hundred years ago, and still he hung, arms over his head, feet locked together, a black ball dangling ten spans below him, not far enough to reach the lake.
His eyes had lost their sight, hearing gone, and yet he lived. The world had forgotten him and yet he still lived, made to suffer forever in darkness. Made to suffer alone.
Always alone.
She woke, eyes coming open. It was still da
:icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 0 3
Mature content
The Crimson Cape chpt 1 :icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 1 0
The Crimson Cape Prlg
Remembrances One
"Do you remember when we first met?"
He stood alone in a hall full of people. Men and women danced gracefully arm and arm, flutes and harps played by the kingdoms bards. They strolled about, strumming their instruments. Though their gifts were appreciated, the musicians themselves received as much acknowledgement as the furniture, or passing servant. In their eyes, all was the same.
         No one glanced his way, but the beautiful lords and ladies of court kept their distance from him. They knew he was there, but unlike the other implements of the noble-high he was one to be avoided, not in the sense that he was unimportant. No. They feared him. Only those who sought the death of another would seek him, but even then they would not speak with him, but his wizard master, and it quite tones, or words laced in mystery.
         All knew what he was, and who pu
:icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 2 0
Water on the Side Lines
Watcher on the Side Lines
(Digimon Fanfiction)
I'm just a normal sixteen year old high school girl. I don't do drugs. Not because I'm a goody too shoes. I just don't want to look stupid, and I don't want to be out of control. I NEVER want to be out of control. I also don't drink for that same reason.
Sorry if I led you astray with that out of control thing. I'm not crazy. And No I don't have an alcoholic father or mother. My parents are normal, almost boringly so. I have an annoying little sister. She's four years younger than me, still in grade school. She's still stupid enough to believe our parents words are law and ogle at everything they say. She's a bit of a tattle tale so I don't talk to her much, not that I do anything bad. Or at least, not that bad.
I'm actually a pretty good girl. No drugs. No sex. No boyfriends. Not because I don't want them. It's just that no one is interested in me. I mean. Why would they be? I don't put myself out there. At all. I don't like social occasi
:icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 1 0
Courage and Fear
It was the beginnings of dusk when to champions rode for battle. One was Arron, protector of the people. He rode a white mare. In his left hand he bore a silver shield with a red fist at its center. The shields name was Honor, and Arron carried it with much respect. In his right, Arron wielded Courage his sword. It was a blade of majesty, long and powerful, but it was a heavy thing, one had to bear much strength to carry it.  
        Arron was beloved to the people, and they cheered for him as he marched his mare bravely to meet his fate. His red cape hung over the back of his steed, catching the eye of all those that cheered for him, even those the farthest back could make  him out, and they watched him, hope swelling in their chests.
        Arron stood for all that was good in the world. He carried the faith and courage of the people, and he bore it with a smile on his face and a wei
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Twinkle flickered her tiny wings and stretched. She lifted her hands over her head, interlocking her fingers and let out a nice little yawn. A mound of dew sat a few inches away from her. She blinked sleepily at it for a few moments. She then spread her tiny wings and fluttered over to it. She set herself back onto the leaf, leaved forward, and sucked on the dew drop. She drank until she had her fill.
        She set out to look for some barriers when she spotted something shiny on the forest floor. Excited, she buzzed over to it. It was a golden bead attached to a silver pointed stick. The thing in its entirety was half the size of her. Twinkle knew she could not carry it and fly at once. Perhaps if she got Spring and Firedrop to help her she could… But no, they would want it too, and Twinkle wanted to keep the shiny something for herself. She looked about to be sure no other Fairy had spotted it, and was grateful to find none to be around.
:icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 1 0
Ghost at the market
She was beautiful, to say the least, and she knew it. She knew it in the sweet way. She was not arrogant in her knowing. She was confident. And yes, there is a big difference. I hadn't known her long. She'd come to see me at the market place one evening, when I was closing shop. I sell jewelry at a street stand, with two big friends to keep the thieves off. We split the cost of whatever we make, which was enough to get by.
        She peered over the only open box left, a few strands of red curled hair falling over her shoulder. She brushed the smaller curls out of her face.
        "May I help you my lady?" I asked, though already suspected what the answer would be. She'd come by at least three times in the week, just around dusk, before the sun had quite set. She rarely spoke two words and bought nothing. I wondered why she continued to stop by, certainly it wasn't my company.
:icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 3 0
MeMe WoT by TruemyTheWise MeMe WoT :icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 2 2
Jon Snow VS Perrin
Light send this be over quickly. He'd thought he'd be done with it after his fight with Quick Ben. However he was drawn back to the rink once again. He glanced briefly at the roaring crowd. Quite a number of people were making faces, rude gestures, and shouting out indistinguishable insults at him. If half the crowd was rude the other half was ecstatic and screamed wildly, cheering him on. He spotted a large banner reading "GOLDENEYES FTW!" The scene was complete madness, and Perrin decided it best to ignore the lot of them completely.
        A ways off he could make out a dark haired youth, but the sight of Jon Snow was not what caught Perrin's eyes. It was a white wolf one of the largest he'd ever seen. The wolf watched Perrin just as intently as Perrin watched it. The wolf did not look alarmed to Perrin's eye, but when he reached out to it he was surprised to find its hackles razed indeed. It did not trust Perrin in the slightest. He felt its
:icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 2 14
The Psychotic Heartbreakers 2
(note: this is just a silly fic. I apologize for any offence taken. I'm just having fun and am not mad at anyone. Just to let you peoples know. And I do appreciate the reviews. Let me know if it offends you and I'll change this up. And, again, I apologize if it does offend anyone. This is done all in good fun.)
Truemythewise: *sits on stage to an empty auditorium crying softly to herself.*
Flicker: "Oh, honestly, what did you expect?"
Truemythewise: *Sniffle* "I don't know… apparently all people want to see is Mat…"
Rand: "Great! I'll go get him." *starts happily for the backstage*
Truemythewise: *shoots to her feet* "You will not! You will stay right there."
Rand: *shoulders slump* "But whyyy." *wines*
Truemythewise: *snaps fingers towards banner above stage.* "What does that say?"
Rand: *mumbles*
Truemythewise: "Sorry, what was that?"
Naruto: "I know what it says! It says 'The Psychotic Fangirl Heart Breakers!'" *smiles proudly to everyone on stage.*
Truemythewise: "That's
:icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 3 10
ending for ComicofConsequences
Possible ending for ComicofConsequences
The master mind behind it all is Mcprickelbeard. (The one who sent the Pelican with a letter) Mcpricklebeard had been watching Simon for years. She knew of Simon's kind nature as a child and sent the Pelican to taunt him. Little did Simon know that Mcpricklebeard is the code name for a little girl cactus who fell in love with him when they were kids, but was far too shy to speak with him. So she asked her best friend The Pelican to lure him over to her. The mouse, too, was an undercover agent for Mcpricklebeard, he was sent to keep Simon on track. She knew that the real way to encourage Simon to pursue The Pelican in earnest was to discourage him and judge at every turn. The mouse, being an undercover spy, fulfilled the job perfectly.
At the end, when Simon catches the pelican, he discovers the most beautiful cactus girl waiting for him with a pot for two. He falls in love with her instantly, but then she tells him the plot he'd been lay victim t
:icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 1 0
The Psychotic Heartbreakers
The Psychotic Fangirl Heart Breakers
Truemythewise: *enters onto a stage with curtain pulled shut behind her* "Hello everyone, yes it's me again. And guess what, I've decided to break my vow to never write a fanfiction, again. However, what I am doing this time is going to be a tad bit different from what I believe most of you read. In fact I don't know if this has ever been done. It probably has, but just might not be that popular. In any case… To the point!
I am going to be hosting a sort of competition. It's a little complicated so pay attention. I'm going to write up four of my favorite fan scenes that I have imagined and have never brought myself to write down. Each of these four scenes *Stars* a different character from a different story. In your review, you will vote for your favorite scene/character, but don't vote till I have written and posted all of the scenes, because once you cast your vote you will not be able to change it. Understand?... from your silence I'm going
:icontruemythewise:TruemyTheWise 1 0

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Truemy B
United States
I grew up on the east side of west where the land is hot an humid and not very nice to live in at all. I had no friends. It might have been because every time someone would approach me I'd scream at the top of my lungs until they fled, or id stare at them without uttering a word until they became so discomforted they made an excuse to leave my eerie presence. But my life wasn't sad, no, not at all. Despite the heat and dank air, I ventured outside, making friends with animals. My favorite were the raccoons. We chaste one another to no end, though my mother did not appreciate their company in the house. I was devastated to find she had killed one of them one morning. It was then she finally came to the conclusion that I was insane. She tried to get me help. My therapist suggested I write out my story to get out some emotions, but nothing could ease the pain of the loss of my friend. So now I spend most of my time sitting in dark corners and hissing at anyone who tries to come near. That is when I'm not writing.
Okay, I have been seriously lacking in this area for quite some time. from 17 to 18 I wrote a freakin 300 or so page book, (which really sucks) plus work on some other sh*t as well. I used to freaken write all the time.  None of it was very good, but still, I was active.

Now, it took me a year to write like 100 pages and around thirty on another story. It's partly because of school, but I've been really lazy. I do have a busy summer, but during the calmer parts I'm going to do this damn exercise and the days that I don't do it I will be working on Either Princess Gloria *cough* which I still have yet to finish. I know, I've been reaaaaaaaaaaallly bad. Or work on the book which I refuse to post here and only mention it to make whoever reads this journal entry moderately interested.

So this is what I will do. I got this info form…

1) Start by reading this post from Eric James Stone. It's got some valuable advice that I know will be specifically handy for me, and probably for you.
2) I'm setting the minimum at 200 words, though most of my stories will likely be longer; it's possible to have shorter story, but I specifically want to stop myself from writing "There once was a man, he lived and he died" kind of stories. 200 words is short while still being long enough to force me to take it seriously.
3) Each story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end. We're trying to learn how to write short stories, not random 200-word space-fillers.
4) As long as you end up with 30 stories, one per day, it doesn't matter which day they were actually written on–so if you get in the zone and do more than one at a time, you can afford to slack off. This will be handy for me, as some of my tour days involve 14 hours of driving, plus I plan to take Sundays off.
5) If you post about your quest on Twitter or Facebook, use the hashtag #NaShoStoMo. Which totally sounds like the name of Quasimodo's brother.…

So this summer, prepare to see a lot more deviant entries from The All Knowing Truemythewise :D
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