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Truemy B
United States
I grew up on the east side of west where the land is hot an humid and not very nice to live in at all. I had no friends. It might have been because every time someone would approach me I'd scream at the top of my lungs until they fled, or id stare at them without uttering a word until they became so discomforted they made an excuse to leave my eerie presence. But my life wasn't sad, no, not at all. Despite the heat and dank air, I ventured outside, making friends with animals. My favorite were the raccoons. We chaste one another to no end, though my mother did not appreciate their company in the house. I was devastated to find she had killed one of them one morning. It was then she finally came to the conclusion that I was insane. She tried to get me help. My therapist suggested I write out my story to get out some emotions, but nothing could ease the pain of the loss of my friend. So now I spend most of my time sitting in dark corners and hissing at anyone who tries to come near. That is when I'm not writing.
Okay, I have been seriously lacking in this area for quite some time. from 17 to 18 I wrote a freakin 300 or so page book, (which really sucks) plus work on some other sh*t as well. I used to freaken write all the time.  None of it was very good, but still, I was active.

Now, it took me a year to write like 100 pages and around thirty on another story. It's partly because of school, but I've been really lazy. I do have a busy summer, but during the calmer parts I'm going to do this damn exercise and the days that I don't do it I will be working on Either Princess Gloria *cough* which I still have yet to finish. I know, I've been reaaaaaaaaaaallly bad. Or work on the book which I refuse to post here and only mention it to make whoever reads this journal entry moderately interested.

So this is what I will do. I got this info form…

1) Start by reading this post from Eric James Stone. It's got some valuable advice that I know will be specifically handy for me, and probably for you.
2) I'm setting the minimum at 200 words, though most of my stories will likely be longer; it's possible to have shorter story, but I specifically want to stop myself from writing "There once was a man, he lived and he died" kind of stories. 200 words is short while still being long enough to force me to take it seriously.
3) Each story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end. We're trying to learn how to write short stories, not random 200-word space-fillers.
4) As long as you end up with 30 stories, one per day, it doesn't matter which day they were actually written on–so if you get in the zone and do more than one at a time, you can afford to slack off. This will be handy for me, as some of my tour days involve 14 hours of driving, plus I plan to take Sundays off.
5) If you post about your quest on Twitter or Facebook, use the hashtag #NaShoStoMo. Which totally sounds like the name of Quasimodo's brother.…

So this summer, prepare to see a lot more deviant entries from The All Knowing Truemythewise :D
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